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American Opinion

Okay, so I have to confess something: I watched American Idol tonight. And any post of mine that would start with such a trivial bit of culture surely can’t be deep. For some reason, my parents have begun watching it this season, before we watch Lost.

The show gives me a stomachache.

First of all, I’m not a huge fan of competition. I’m just too soft-hearted, I guess…I always feel bad for the losers.

Ironically, shows like that always bring out my inner Critic. I may not know a much about music as an industry insider, but I know what I like a much as the next person. Fortunately—or unfortunately, however you look at it—so does everyone else.

The problem with—or beauty of—a show like American Idol is that everyone gets a say. And it must be nice, really nice, to get paid big bucks just for being mean to everyone. *ahem! Simon. ahem!*

But what it comes down to, really, is opinion. Personal preference. I mean, there’s a certain amount of technique and talent that is taken in to consideration, but at this point in the show really all the bad singers have been weeded out. Now the judges just sit there and say, “I didn’t like that song,” or “You kind of bored me,” and crap like that. Yawn.

Then the rest of America gets their say. That really is a matter of personal opinion. Popularity contest, that’s what it is. Ehh. I’m not invested enough in the show to have a favorite, anyone in particular I’m rooting for. I just think it’s interesting that really it’s all about what you like. Isn’t that what America is all about?


Brianne said...

This is what Jon Stewart said about Simon Cowell: "I'm all for telling someone if they're a horrible singer, but do you really have to rip out a person's soul, put it in a blender, and drink it in front of them?" I may have gotten some of that wrong, but that's the gist.
I don't like American Idol because they're celebrating mediocrity. Everyone that made it through their elaborate screening process is just average, you can find sixteen people exactly like them on top 40 radio. Nothing that they are doing is new or fresh. That's the indie girl in me talking, sure, but it's my biggest pet peeve about that show. No one on there sings half as good as Rachael or Daniel. *She wakes from her opinion-saturated stupor* Hey, you can't expect me to not be passionate. It's about music!

Carol said...

To both you and Brianne....Touche'!!