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The Boys Are Back

...And better than ever.

And now we come to the part of this blog where I treat you to my opinions on a piece of artwork—otherwise known as a review.

Now, you might know that I am typically disdainful of reviews, especially critical ones.

But actually, this is one area where I am known for being rather…biased.

A brief prologue: Since my high school years, The Newsboys have been my favorite band. They captivated me with their funny, funky songs and extravagant stage productions. I was a fanatic. In college, I was actually known for it. I hung posters up in my dorm. I converted people to being fellow fans by incessantly playing their music. I got people to come to concerts with me. To this day, college friends tell me that when they hear a Newsboys song, they think of me. Okay, prologue over.

Flash-forward to today. It’s been several years since the ’Boys have released a new album that wasn’t labeled “worship.” Don’t get me wrong—the worship stuff was good. But it just felt so…trendy. Everyone had a worship album at that point. And...call me sacrilegious, but I actually missed their snarky, sarcastic lyrics.

Now they’ve released “Go.” It just came out at the end of last month. I finally bought it the other night; the single had been tiding me over for the time being.

Yay! It’s so fun. I love those guys. They have such good music. Their melodies are catchy, their lyrics are witty, and their bass lines are thumping.

My favorites so far are: Wherever We Go, Your Love is better than Life, and Secret Kingdom. The others are also very good…but those are addicting. I play them at very high decibels, especially in my car.

Okay, so that’s my Newsboys plug. I love that band. You should check them out! They are supposed to be coming to Grove City College in February....I am SO THERE!!!

Want to come with?


TR said...

I hope we can get a group to go - This will be the best!

Carol said...

Newsboys? I'm in!!!

erin said...

Fun!!! I had a "True Love Waits" tape in high school that had several of their songs on it. I loved the lyrics!! They were funny, catchy, true, and scriptural! What could be better than that?

Brianne said...

Remember seeing them with SonicFlood back in the day-ee with Debbie Inman and Sara Lee? That was fun times. Love you- hey look, I'm on the net! I blogged, too!