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Snow Day!

So, my alarm started going off this morning at a quarter to seven. I hit snooze several times, and then finally, reluctantly, got up. I was due at the church for meetings and such. (Yay.) I jumped in the shower, picked out an outfit, blow-dried my hair, put on make up, etc....

...And noticed I was running slightly late.

Right about this time, my phone rang. I make it a habit not to answer the phone when I'm driving or when I'm late, if I can help it. In a hurry--I hate being asked if I'm almost there, or even worse, getting a lecture--I threw on my headset and listened to my messages as I rushed around, putting on my coat and grabbing everything I needed. I'd missed two other calls earlier, but the messages had become irrelevant so I'd never bothered to listen to or erase them. I labored through those two, and just as I stepped out the door, I heard the one I'd missed. Snow was everywhere, covering everything in a thick, fluffy layer of white. And my friend's voice came on the line, telling me that the church had been closed for the day.

Just a few days ago, I'd been telling my friend Brianne that in Pittsburgh, we don't close down for a bit of snow. While I was in Branson, they got a day like this--about six inches or so. We didn't leave the condo most of the day. Today was eerily similar.

Oddly, my whole family was home. We ended up eating my dad's famously good popcorn, and watching a bad 90's movie. And it was funny--we were all "kids-out-of-school" excited to have a Snow Day. Everything got canceled, from my mom's chiropractic appointment, to the classes at the college my Dad works with, to worship practice tonight.

So now I'm here, at the computer, sipping a glass of wine from a bottle my mom brought back from the winery in Branson. Ripping music on the the computer, so I can load it onto my Zune. Looking up missing album art. And blogging about the joys of a day off.

To snow days!


Anonymous said...

awesome. i got off early monday because we were getting ice. yuk. driving home was a little concerning.

i spent my day watching "the bishop's wife", reading "sophie's heart", and drinking hot tea. earl grey, of course.

btw, i just got a message from jill o'dell. how 'bout that?! she has a new number and email. let me know if she's contacted you. if she hasn't yet, then i'll send you an email with the info.

she mentioned that shes wanting to get together with us sometime this summer. i'm up for it. actually, i'm wanting to come up to Penn and NY for a few days. either in april (before Madelie has her baby) or in august (after she's recovered well enough).

we'll see. lovie dovie, valentine!
<3 Cynthia

Pgh_Girl said...

Lucky You! I took the bus to work. What a mess!
CarolL P