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The Sea

So, I'm copying my friend who posted a poem on her blog a couple days ago. I'd have done it sooner, but I was having computer issues. They are resolved, at least for the moment, so I'm going to share this tidbit I wrote just over a year ago, while in Ireland. Fair, green Ireland totally brought out the poet in me.
The day after seeing the Cliffs of Moher, we took a ferry ride from Galway to the isle of Inishmoor. I wrote the poem (and took the picture) on the ferry ride.

The Sea
The Sea, the sea
the rolling sea
salt spray
and foaming froth;
graceful waves and
misty rain;
islands wreathed in fog.

The Sea, the sea.
the mighty sea:
though men traverse
your breadth,
who can tame your
savage waves?
You are fierce and cold as death.

The Sea, the sea,
the wild sea:
rough winds and
frigid depths;
desolate cries of
lonely birds;
Your kingdom by Neptune kept.

The Sea, the sea,
the majestic sea:
her empire vast
in reach;
a kingdom teeming with
perilous life,
deeper than eye can see.

The Sea, the sea,
the restless sea:
ever churning, never
at rest;
driven by wind and
currents within,
until Earth's final breath.

The Sea, the sea,
the gentle sea:
whispering your
secrets sweet,
to sailors, explorers, and
lovers of life;
your lullaby sings me to sleep.
JMR, 7/22/08


Anonymous said...

Love the poem.

I just watched an old movie about a sea captain the day before yesterday. cool.

It's called "The Ghost & Mrs. Muir".

I thought it was pretty good. You've probably already seen it. It's on Netflix on the instant play on your computer.

It's romantic and sad. Perfect!

Kisses and Hugs,
Cynthia G

Anonymous said...

I think that describes it beautifully!