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Post the First

Welcome to my first ever blog! I was having a conversation with one of my best friends last night (LATE last night) and she suggested I start a blog. And though I have to wonder who really has time to read all the blogs out there, let alone write them, I decided to try it anyway.

The title of my blog is taken from L.M. Montomery's writings. She created the original Drama Queen, Anne of Green Gables. Anne loved to daydream and was always talking about places that had scope for the imagination. I also love to daydream. Especially when I'm at work and I imagine that I'm the kind of person who says exactly what I'm thinking. I don't. I hardly say anything. But that's because I need to keep my job a little longer.

So there you go. I would just like to add that part of the reason this isn't a more riveting post is because I am distracted. Our computer is in the living room, where the TV is also located. And at the moment, my dad and brother are enraptured by an anime movie. A rather loud anime movie. And my cat, Phoebe, keeps meowing plaintivley for attention. So I'll end this for now. But don't worry. I'll have more riveting posts later. Stay tuned...

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Brianne said...

You are the best! You are now one of my favorites as well. I can't wait to see what else you have to say. Love you!!