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Happy Birthday, Blog!

Or should it be Happy Anniversary?

For ‘twas one year ago today that I first logged onto blogspot.com, at Brianne’s behest, to get myself a blog. And so the bright pink and link-ified “Scope For Imagination” was born.

This is my forty-second post. That means I've averaged a post once every 1.23....weeks.

I myself can hardly believe that I’ve actually somewhat kept up with it for a whole year. I was never great at journaling, if you must know (however strange that sounds). But I do love to write, and I also love to share my opinion on…well, anything I have an opinion on.

When I think about where I was a year ago, and where my life is heading now, I am quite amazed. God is Great!

I would write more, but there’s quite a lot going on at the Richards’ Residence these days. But don’t worry. I’ll fill you in eventually. All in good time.


Carol said...

A year already?? Wow! Happy Birthday/Anniversary SFI!!! I for one have enjoyed reading your thoughts, even if I do hear them from you personally sometimes. Love you!

erin said...

Wow - Congrats!! What a commitment you have to your fans!! :) How exciting for you - you deserve to celebrate!!

Brianne said...

I agree with Erin. Chocolate and another watching of Lady in the Water are required!