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God is Better than a PDA

Gotta make this quick, kiddos—life is crazy around here!

One thing that is helping to keep me sane…or at least organized…is that I bought one of those nifty palm organizers. I’ve had it a week now, and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. It is so good for me, because I have been even more scatterbrained than usual lately.

I have so much on my mind, what with three jobs, and moving, and all the writing I’m still trying to do…

I love that I can put all my little notes to myself in the PDA and it will keep it there, reminding me of what I still have to do. I really think it will help me cut down on all the scattered scraps of paper I have in my life. Who needs that, really? The Post-it company is going to lose money on me because of this little device, I’m telling you.

However, it occurred to me just the other day how reliant we are on electronic devices. I’m not saying it’s bad; I just think it’s interesting. I mean, technology is not really that reliable. It will only do what you tell it to. An alarm clock is only useful when you remember to set it…AND turn it on.

What I have found is that even when technology fails me, God does not. And I’m not just talking about Him not failing me in broad, generic, never-ending-love kinds of ways. I mean literally, He has reminded me of important things I need to do. He has woken me up when I have forgotten to set the alarm. Does he always? No. Sometimes I have to face up to the consequences of my own forgetfulness.

But I have actually said to God, “Five more minutes, please.” And He has woken me up in five minutes. Seriously. I know that sounds goofy…but ask yourself: what’s more reliable? If you answered technology, you need to rethink your theology.


Anonymous said...

12:42 AM??? Why doesn't He tell you when to go to bed??

Brianne said...

I don't think it matters whether he wakes her up or helps her sleep, but that it's obvious that he's taking care of her.

Love you, Jess! I didn't really have anything else to say. Oh, also, when I was taking a nap today, I dreamed that I was eating ice cream with Veronica Mars. Like, we were hanging out. It was cool. I knew we'd be friends!

cynthia said...

actually, there were a lot of times in college when god would wake me up at 12midnight or 1am to have a chat. even though it was a little inconvenient it was always deep, and afterward i would sleep so soundly. besides, we don't need god to tell us when to go to bed. thats what he gave us common sense for.

ps- kevin and i are splitsville.

Carol said...

Yea, technology is cool but it can crash, or the electricity is out and you can't remember everything that you need to do. It's good to have the old fashioned back-up (written). But relying on the Lord is a whole different story. He will not fail us even when we misunderstand what He is doing in our lives. But we must be responsible for our own actions, or non-action, whatever the case may be.
But you need to get more sleep girl!