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Sofa, So Good

Well, I’m all moved into my new digs. My pad. My flat. It’s great.

I don’t know if I mentioned it earlier, but there is a wall dividing my bedroom and my living room that is one big bookshelf. I love it. I love sitting on my bed and looking at all my books. (I have a lot of books. They took a while to pack and unpack, but they’re in now.)

Another perk is that I have my own bathroom. This is pretty significant. I have never ever had a bathroom all to myself before, and I have to say, it’s quite a pleasure. In fact, the only noticeable downside is that I don’t have anyone to blame the dirtiness on. It’s all me.

But the most amazing things about my apartment have nothing to do with the architecture or the things I brought with me. It’s the things that were given to me. Let me make this clear: I have a lot of stuff. But I didn’t have quite enough furniture to fill up an apartment. I didn’t have, say, a couch. Or a table for my kitchen. (Or hardly anything for my kitchen.)

Needless to say, I don’t have lots of extra moola lying around with which to buy said furniture. Which is why I feel so incredibly blessed right now. God provided for me. (Via my friend and coworker Mindy, who knows everything.) He provided people who were giving away furniture—for free. I received not one, but two couches for my living room. (They’re both sofa beds, to boot!) AND I got a table and chairs for my kitchen.

Let me explain my kitchen to you. It’s small. Very small. Which is fine, for just me. But I needed a fairly small table. I had already decided on the “theme” for my kitchen. (I like decorating in themes.) Then I heard about the table. “It’s a rounded square,” she told me. “It’s got a glass top. And the rest of it,” she said, “is bamboo.”

The theme for my kitchen? “LOST.” Jungles. Islands. Yeah. It totally works. It's perfect, actually.

Yep, God is pretty awesome. Couches, a table, a ricemaker, pots and pans, a reading chair, a lamp...I have no problem with second-hand stuff. And God knows that. (Now I just have to start saving up for my own computer, so I don’t have to wait for my turn….)

Come by and see me sometime…you can sleep on my sofa!


Brianne said...

Ooh, have you tried these sofa beds out? Because I'm going to have to know which one to use when I come see you. I'm so happy that you've got your own place!!

Dad said...

Have you tried praying for a bigger TV? Then I would be more than happy to visit you and fall asleep watching TV on your couch.

erin said...

Congrats on the new place!! I'm jealous that you're already completely unpacked!!! We've been in our house since April and we still have a LONG way to go...

Post pictures when you have a chance!

Mom said...

I love "coming over" to visit you. You've done a great job with decorating in your own personality. It looks great! I'm glad you finally have your own space and like it.

Sara said...

I just visited your blog and web site for the first time! It's so good to get a snippet of what's going on in your world in PA. I sure miss you girl. I would absolutely LOVE your kitchen cause I love LOST!!! Amazing show, that could be a 2 hour chat in and of itself though. It would be especially enjoyable from one P&R major to another.