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Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I know. I've been remiss in my blogging. I'm sure my thoughts, quips, and ramblings were sorely missed. *ahem!*

So, you should know, I am listening to the new Switchfoot album. I like it. It took a little longer to get into than their last one, but I'm enjoying it. As soon as then "new" wears off, I'll tackle the stack of CDs Brianne left for me.

We had a pretty awesome time together over the New Year, when she came to visit and go to Bud's wedding. Our wild times together included watching many episodes of Bones, visiting "dahntahn" (downtown) Pittsburgh, perusing used bookstores (and purchasing many many books), and...a stop at the tattoo parlor! That's right--Brianne got inked! But you'll have to ask her to show you what she got and where. It looks awesome! And it was done by the same woman who did mine. I'm a corrupter of souls, I tell you!

Oh, and I finally got my nose pierced. The girl was really funny and nice but boy did it hurt! It's better now and I really like it. I'm not sure a picture would really do it justice.

We also played a little guitar hero...that game is quite addicting! I'm hooked now, and nearly through the Medium level career mode. Of course, I'm just fumbling my way through the hardest songs. But it's fun!

I also watched the "Ugly Betty" Marathon. I have to admit, I kind of enjoyed it, too. In fact, I think I like it better than "The Devil Wears Prada." I'm just saying.

Now I'm trying to get back to the grind and organized for the new year. I only made a couple of "resolutions"--more like goals, really. And it's the usual stuff I need to work on...so...yeah.
I think you're all caught up now! Yay you!


cynthia said...

you are so funny, jess. well, if you're not going to put a pic on your blog, then send me one to my email. i want to see. by the way, my hair is all gone. i finally got to cut it and send it into "locks of love". i hope they can use it. my hair is so thin. i just kept looking at the braid, before i put it in the envelope to send it off, and kept thinking, "they're going to laugh at this." gosh, my hair is thin. i think i'm going bald. oh well. at least it's not like i have leprosy or something awful like that. anywho, i was thinking about you all week a couple of weeks ago. i must really miss you. *sniff, sniff*
ohhhhh. i almost forgot. madelie's wedding was awesome. she's pregnant. due in mid MAY. i volunteered at Urbana this year. man, that was work. i was worn out. howie is going on a six month sabatical. and cami is pregnant with their second child. i finally got to see Jadon (their first born). lots of platinum blond locks. sooooo cute. the staff in st. louis had a party for him. so i went. it was good. i got to meet one of the guys that was in the band for the urbana worship team. he showed me the room where he was mixing the CD. it was really cool to see "behind the scenes of the making of a CD". I had always wondered about that. and the guy was guy to boot. his name is jon wang. he's asian. did i ever tell you that i thought asian guys were cute? well, i do. they are so adorable. and his condo was awesome. we talked forever. but i had to leave 'cause i was so tired.
oh, do you have any contact info for jill o'dell? i email to her and it goes through, but i don't think she checks it. maybe, just maybe, would you happen to have a cell phone number for her? i miss her too.
oh, and i have something to confess. but i want to tell you in an email or over the phone though. so be sure to check your email soon.
lovies, cynthia

Brianne said...

This is the corrupted soul speaking...

Yes, we had more fun than is to be imagined while I was in Pittsburgh! I love you! (Also, sorry that I haven't been on the net in so long... the hills have been alive, you know.)