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Love...and Hate

Well, it's February.
You know what that means.

Two weeks to S. A. D. *sigh.*

I don't know how to feel about Valentine's Day. You know?

On one hand, I hate it. It's just a reminder of my "single" status. It's a commercial holiday centered around mush that raises unrealistic expectations of what relationships are supposed to be like: dozens of roses, expensive jewelry, dinners in classy restaurants....And all of it is surrounded by pink frills and babies with wings and arrows. It's syrupy and disgusting.

On the other hand, I am kind of a sucker for romance. I am by my own admission, a sap. There's something sweet about the celebration of love. And, this might come as a shock, but I actually love pink. I love hearts, too. And flowers. And chocolate.

Who am I kidding? The only Real reason I hate V-Day is because I am single and can't participate.

This year, I am taking matters into my own hands. I am planning an alternative to Valentine's Day. An "alterna-tine," if you will. I just thought of it last night, so it's in the works, but I hope that it will be fun. I hope to invite other singles for an evening devoid of romance, starting with laser tag. Nothing says "I don't care" like laser guns.

Whatever happens, I hope to have a happy Valentine's Day. Because it's just a day, just another day. Why should it matter if I have any romance on that day? February 14th really isn't any different from February 13th or 15th.

But whatever your plans are, I hope you enjoy your whole month. After all, in two weeks, the pink hearts will be replaced by green clovers. :)


Laurel said...

Jess, this is fantastic, and highly amusing.

mia said...

I can't believe you like pink! I'm not sure I can be friends with you anymore. Just kidding, but seriously, I hate pink. I think you're altern-ine is a really cool idea. Even though I'm married, I'm still not big on Valentine's Day and I think that would be a lot of fun.

J. M. Richards said...

Okay, seriously, Mia, it's time to learn to love pink. I remember that you hated it back in high school...and I loved pink back then, too! But I have learned to love other colors that I used to hate. Like green, for example. Used to not like green very much. Now I'm cool with it. In fact I wear quite a bit of it. Maybe you could start by finding a shade you didn't think was totally vile. :)

cynthia said...

vile. is that an actual color?

mia said...

I like some pink flowers, does that help? My favorite flowers are lavendar, but for some pink are okay. :o) Okay, so maybe I'll give you that one or two shades of pink aren't totally vile as long as they are not used as wall colors or a car or anything. I actually did have a soft pink sweater once. I have the strongest hatred toward bubble gum pink, bright pink and fuscia. If you grew up with my mom and sister, you would probably hate pink too. :o) I still have nightmares about my sister's pink room and all the the lace and ruffles.

J. M. Richards said...

Lol. I could do without the lace and ruffles myself, most of the time. But I'm glad to hear you have softened your heart a little toward pink. ;)

mia said...

Just so you know, I have found something that I hate more than pink...wallpaper! Man, that stuff is pure evil. I spent most of my weekend getting the vile stuff out of my kitchen and bathroom. We still have to get the icky stuff out of our guest bedroom, ugh! The mean people who owned our house before us but up Colorado Rockies (our baseball team, I think) wallpaper in the guest room, what were they thinking? Wow, is that enough negative adjectives for ya? Please don't tell me you like wallpaper. :o)

J. M. Richards said...

No, I can safely say I'm not much of a wallpaper fan. I'm more of a can of Oops! paint kind of girl. (Oops paint is the cans that were mixed at Home Depot and the customers didn't like the result--a gallon is like five bucks, for those that didn't know.)
I'm sorry you had to spend so much time getting rid of something so ugly. Whoever thought that was a good idea, anyway?

mia said...

Not me, that's for sure. I was complaining to the guy at Home Depot about wallpaper and he said they don't even carry it anymore, woohoo! I always look at the oops! cans but I've never found a color I really liked. I just bought 10 cans of paint for our house, red, brown, beige, blue, green, even purple, it will be so nice to have color after living in white apts. The primer for the red is pink, eww. :o) I can't believe I'll be painting my walls pink, however briefly. I'll have to send out some pics once we're done.