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Come, Springtime

Come, gentle showers,
fall soft on me.

Little drops of grace
keeping me from
cracking like dry earth.

Come heavy storms,
make me clean.

I am deluged
Soaked entirely through
and shivering.

Come rushing water,
sweep me away.

A flood of change
slows to a trickle
and all is still.

Come, fierce winds,
strip away my gloom.

Let what was frozen
thaw and flow:
Life is on the move.

Come, golden light,
saturate my soul.

Rays of warmth
call forth growth;
the world is green again.

Come, Springtime,
help me bloom.


Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful poem...did you write it?

J. M. Richards said...

Thanks, you are very kind. I did write it. Just something different from my usual posts. I appreciate your comment!

Anonymous said...

i like your header. it's so pretty. did you draw it?

btw, my sister finally read your book and she said she really liked it (mind you, she's a picky ready) and was wanting to know when your second book was going to be in print. i'm wondering as well.