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The Examiner Experiment

So, a while back, as I was doing searches on MonsterJobs.com, I found an ad for writers wanted. Trying to remain calm, I looked closer. Turns out there's this website called Examiner.com, which is like an online news community for major cities all over the U.S. And, they were looking for writers in Pittsburgh! About Christianity, no less!!

I was like, pick me!

I applied and waited a couple months while they sorted through a bunch of applications from all over the country. About a week ago, I heard back--I was accepted! This, considering my current career crisis, is good news. Not good financially, since it doesn't pay anything unless I get tons of views (was that a shameless plug? Where did that come from?? *GO CHECK IT OUT.*)

I'm really excited about the idea of this, since as you probably already know, I LOVE writing, thinking and talking about my faith and how it fits into daily living. Yes, I actually like talking about God and Church. I don't know why, but I do. And considering I majored in it, I figure maybe it's time I got a little more mileage out of my degree (and beef up my writing resume, while I'm at it!).

So, in conjunction with my friend Bekah, who is working on her thesis (on different denominations) and E, who I think is just interested in visiting lots of churches, I'm going to begin an experiment. And though I feel a tiny bit bad I won't be chronicling it here...I'm going to post links so you can still follow along, if you're interested. Keep checking back!!

Here's the link to my first article, a "review" of New Community Church in Wexford.

Take a look and tell me what you think!!! You KNOW I always do better with feedback!!!!

Thanks! :)


Grace DeWitt said...

Awesome!!!! It sounds like a fun job. I will definitely check it out.

Tom (TR) Richards said...

I'm excited for you. I'll check out the website today!