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Where is Phoebe?

Um, so, the other night I had a dream about someone reading and reviewing my first book, "Found Phoebe."  This person liked it immensely, which left me with a warm fuzzy long after the dream ended.  But when I got up, It got me thinking, whatever happened to Phoebe?  I haven't looked at her story in ages.  I've been so preoccupied with other projects, and oh, yeah, life issues, like moving and looking for jobs....

But I haven't given up on her story, not entirely.  I have a first draft of the second book nearly finished (though I haven't looked at it in several months!).  It's been so long since I invested in her story that I'm curious whether anyone else is still thinking of her.  Back when it first came out, I got a lot of questions about a sequel.  Lately I've been working so hard on my Dark Lightning books that I had to put Phoebe on the back burner, so to speak.

You guys are the readers, what do you think?  Should I keep working on Phoebe's stories?  Is there still interest in sequels?   Should I work to get "Found Phoebe" picked up by a publishing company, or try to market the version I have a bit more?

I'm open to any & all (constructive) thoughts.


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Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know if this is a "witty retort" or not, but whatever. I think you should do both! Market the original story AND work on getting the sequel out. Heck, you've got nothing to lose. I propose an autographed book swap. What do you say? I'd like to have a copy of FP, and you need an official copy of UH. All's I need is your address.


7711 E US HWY 60/58
Rogersville, MO 65742

J. M. Richards said...

I like your thinking! It's a witty enough retort, to me!

Anyway, I have to order some copies first, I'm down to my last one (and it's my own, with my notes in it!!). It's been so long since I've even talked to Red Lead...
But I like the idea, so let me see what it would take to get a few more copies of FP, & I'll get back to you. :)

Anonymous said...

A big YES! I was talking to Janni's sister (Joanine) who has a daughter that age. I told her about FP and I think she is going to buy it online. Not sure when because she just sold her house and is getting ready to move. But she was adamant about getting it signed by you!

Anonymous said...

the very first thing my sister asked me after she read it is "when's the next book coming out?"

she's very picky when it comes to leisure reading and she really liked it. so did I, of course.

I would market it!